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This site was created by Sra. Souto as class support, mainly to enhance the learning experience of the Spanish Language, providing parents and students with a way to keep in touch with the latest class projects and assignments.

Here you will also find interesting articles & links that will allow you to complement the knowledge of the language with art, culture, customs and curiosities.

Reasons to learn Spanish
  • Spanish Everywhere
  • Improve your own language.
  • The world’s third most spoken language.
  • Better appreciate Spanish cultures.
  • Break language barriers and make more friends.
  • Prepare for study abroad opportunities.
  • Increase your employment potential.
  • Learning Spanish is fun.
Interesting Articles
How to communicate in Spanish during Class

How to communicate in Spanish during Class

During class everyone should refer to this guide whenever students need to use any of this common expressions. This will... more

When to use

When to use “Tu” and “Usted”

Tu and usted mean the same thing in English. Both of them mean you. Usted is used in formal situations, or... more

A letter of Spanish Origin

A letter of Spanish Origin

That prize goes to the Ñ, a letter that not only carries the distinctive sound of a language, but... more